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•Gaelcholáiste Cholumba provides courses in Irish for students at the following levels:
   Ages (12-15) and (15-17) and (Sixth class students starting in First Year in September).
•Gaelcholáiste Cholumba adopts a strict policy with regard to all it’s students speaking “as Gaeilge”.

•Our Irish summer courses provide daily classes in Oral work.
•Our Irish courses for teenagers place significant emphasis on speaking the language everyday.
•We incorporate Oral course material from the Junior Certificate Syllabus and the Leaving Certificate Syllabus.
•Our daily Oral Irish classes are very dynamic and interactive.
•In addition we also provide 1:1 Oral Irish sessions with a designated Irish teacher on a daily basis.
•Our emphasis on the spoken word continues into the afternoon when students participate in a wide variety of afternoon activities while continuing to speak “as Gaeilge” in a more informal setting .
•We provide prizes each day to students who have made every effort to improve their Oral Irish skills

•Many students find this part of the course difficult.
•We work very closely with each student to enable him/her to improve their competency in Aural work. (Teacher Student ratio 1:10)
•We incorporate Aural course material from the Junior Certificate Syllabus and the Leaving Certificate Syllabus.

•Finally this course teaches students “the golden rules” of Irish grammar.
•All students on our Irish courses improve their written work significantly.
•Students are provided with handouts and the written work they cover is based on past examination papers.
•We emphaize Grammar, Structuring Sentences, Writing Letters, Post-cards, Writing Stories, Scripts and Essays.
•We incorporate Written course material from the Junior Certificate Syllabus and the Leaving Certificate Syllabus.

•Gaelcholáiste Cholumba provides a wide variety of afternoon activities to suit all tastes.
•The afternoon programme includes Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Rounders, Soccer and Swimming as well as Drama, Singing, Arts and Crafts, Film and Animation.

•Key Learning Outcomes:
              ▶ Proficiency in speaking Gaeilge in everyday situations
              ▶ Competency in Aural work and
              ▶ Enhanced Writing Skills.

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(Venue: Old Wesley RFC, Donnybrook, D4.)

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•We provide Irish Courses for 5th class students who are going into 6th class in September.
•We provide Irish Courses for students in Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth class in primary school.
•Our modern teaching styles and methods ensure that every student achieves real progress whilst enjoying the vibrant and energetic nature of our classes.

•Gaelcholáiste Cholumba places a significant emphasis on the spoken language.
•Students learn to converse “as Gaeilge” as confidently as they would in English on everyday topics such as attending a school match, discussing their favourite pastimes, discussing their family holidays and so on.
•Students role play a series of everyday situations and are constantly interacting with each other and with the Irish teachers “as Gaeilge” .
•Prizes are presented at the end of each day to students who make the best effort speaking “as Gaeilge”.

•Gaelcholáiste Cholumba also places a significant emphasis on developing solid writing skills “as Gaeilge”.
•Our enthusiastic Irish teachers teach students how to structure sentences properly.
•This Irish Course teaches and explains Irish grammar and makes it simple for our students to understand.
•Students learn new vocabulary everyday and are shown how to write sentences and paragraphs correctly incorporating this new vocabulary.
•Students learn how to write the material that they speak orally each day.

• Students are introduced to Aural work once they have learned the vocabulary and grammar for the topic they are about to listen to.
•The Irish teacher reads an Irish sentence aloud.
•The teacher then asks the students to answer a specific question about what he has read aloud. Students must write down whether it is true or false.
•This is one example of the type of Aural work taught on this course.
•Aural exercises appear in the Drumcondra test.

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(Venue: Old Wesley RFC, Donnybrook, D4)

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•Gaelcholáiste Cholumba provides Irish Easter & Summer Camps for students aged (4-5), (6-8),(9-12).

•These camps are activity based.

•Students engage in twenty activities “as gaeilge” each week including Singing, Dancing, Art, Lego, Arts & Crafts, Drama, Badminton, Basketball, Dodgeball, GAA, Rounders, Science Experiments, Soccer, Film, Story Telling, Tip Rugby, Tin Whistle, Tennis, Treasure Hunts and Volleyball.

•Students begin each activity with a short Irish Class introducing them to vocabulary and phrases needed for that activity.

•Students are also taught how to structure sentences and all students learn some Irish grammar each day which will help all students improve their sentence structure.

Easter Dates

Camp 1:     Monday, 10th April – Thursday, 13th April
Camp 2:     Tuesday, 18th April – Friday, 21st April
Times:        9:00am – 3.00pm
Fee:              €120

Summer Dates

Camp 1:     Monday, 19th June – Friday, 23rd June
Camp 2:     Monday, 26th June – Friday, 30th June
Camp 3:     Monday, 3rd July – Friday, 7th July
Camp 4:     Monday, 10th July – Friday, 14th July
Camp 5:     Monday, 17th July – Friday, 21st July
Camp 6:     Monday, 24th July – Friday, 28th July
Camp 7:     Tuesday, 1st August – Friday, 4th August
Camp 8:     Monday, 7th August – Friday, 11th August
Camp 9:     Monday, 14th August – Friday, 18th August
Times:        9:00am – 3:00pm
Fee:             €130

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Gaelcholáiste Cholumba Summer Timetable for Irish Courses at U.C.D.

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Irish Summer Courses 2016
Format of a typical day/ Amhchlár an Lae
Morning Classes/Ranganna na Maidine:              10:00am – 11:30am
Morning Break/Sos Maidine:                                  11:30am – 11:45am
Morning Classes/ Ranganna na Maidine:             11:45am  – 1:15pm
Lunch/Lón:                                                                 1:15pm  – 2:00pm
Afternoon Activities/Gníomhaíochtaí larnóna:     2:00pm  – 4:00pm
Céilí, Damhsa agus Ceol/Céilí, Dancing&Music     7:30pm – 9:00pm
Dé Máirt agus Déardaoi/Tuesday & Thursday

Afternoon Activities
Gníomhaíochtaí larnóna
A wide variety from/Réimse leathan ó:

Soccer/Sacar & Rugby/Rugbaí    Badminton/Badmantan
Rounders/Cluiche Corr                Volleyball/Eitpheil
Drama/Drama                                Singing/Amhránaíocht
Arts & Crafts/Ceardaíocht           Music/Ceol
Céilí/Céilí                                        Dance/Rince

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Irish Summer Courses June/July/August 2016

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Download Irish Summer Courses Brochure (Ages 12-18) and (8/9-12) Download Irish Summer Courses Booking Form (Ages 12-18) and (8/9-12) Irish Summer Courses are provided by Gaelcholáiste Cholumba in U.C.D. for  two week periods throughout the summer. Classes are arranged according to age and level. Students are grouped (12-15) and (15-17).  We also have…

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